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Make Money Open an Internet Cafe

Open An Internet Cafe In Your Local Area

 In this day and age where almost everything can be done conveniently in cyberspace, the internet is now becoming a necessity for most people. Shopping and selling online, transacting with banks and connecting with people are just some of the reasons that make the internet almost indispensible in our everyday lives. More and more entrepreneurs are now capitalizing on this need by building internet cafes to cater to a big percentage of the population that still does not have access to internet in their homes.  There is a big market too in travelers or tourists who need to stay connected with families and friends. Careful planning must be done if you want to open an internet cafe in your local area. The investment is relatively large and a certain level of technical knowledge is needed to run it successfully.  This is one business where it is not advisable to scrimp on start up costs by buying cheap equipment which would be very costly to maintain in the long run. Competition is tough too, so before you open an internet cafe in your local area, check first if your prospective area is not yet saturated.  Despite the sizeable start up cost and technical requirements, opening an internet cafe in your local area is still a worthwhile business to get into and can be very profitable if planned out right.

Below are helpful points to consider if you are thinking of engaging in this kind of business:

  1. Make a comprehensive business plan. Make it as detailed as possible. Indicate how big you want the business to be in terms of the number of computers you intend to set up. Specify your target market and detail how you intend to capture them.  Figure out the exact amount of money you will need to start up and indicate how you plan to get financing. It is always best to lay out the figures for a business such as this to ensure that it can be set up to completion.
  2. Scout for a strategic location. Find an area where there is heavy foot traffic but does not have too much competition as far as internet cafes are concerned. Make sure the building facade is prominent enough to immediately catch attention of passersby. Otherwise design a signage that will be large and eye-catching. Find a spot near schools or near hotels or inns to capture the travelers market.
  3. Design the lay-out to optimize space. Arrange computers closely but with enough space for the customers to work comfortably and in privacy.  Cubicles are usually the best way to achieve this.  If you intend to sell food and drinks, designate a separate area to keep these as far away from the computers as possible.  You need to protect your equipment from morsels of food and from potential spillage from drinks.  Plan out the computers’ arrangement in conjunction with the electrical plan for your cafe to ensure that wires and cables are properly secured and kept out of view.
  4. Obtain the necessary business licenses to open an internet cafe in your local area.  Depending on your business plan, you may opt to incorporate the business with other investors to share the investment cost, the workload and the risk.  Ask your local government agencies about the permits and licenses required for opening an internet cafe in your local area.
  5. Select your hardware, software, peripherals and Internet service provider (ISP) carefully.  If you do not have sufficient technical know-how on selecting and setting up computers, seek help from someone who does. If you plan to cater to online gaming too, invest on high definition video cards.  Multiple-user CPUs can also be used to save on both software and CPU.  Choose an ISP package with at least a higher than the household mpbs or internet speed. Check out other internet cafes in your area.  Memory and speed is what the competition is all about so make sure you will have an edge over others. Using 17-inch monitor is ideal. Install only licensed software and plan to do regular upgrades especially on your antivirus software.  For proper control, use a program that will enable you to monitor individual computer usage from a central computer station for proper charging of customers.  You can seek help from a programmer to do this for you.
  6. Hire competent employees.  If you don’t plan to man the internet cafe yourself, hire someone who would at least be able to troubleshoot minor problems both in software and hardware. Give them additional training to reinforce their knowledge.  If you want to open an internet cafe in your local area, seek referrals from friends. You will need trustworthy people so do a good background check before hiring.
  7. Market your internet cafe in your local area.  Design and distribute fliers and other printed advertisements of your internet cafe in populated areas such as shopping malls, community centers, and schools.  Leave your business cards on nearby hotel front desks so they can refer your internet cafe to their guests.   Capitalize on your high speed internet or top-of-the-line equipment if that’s what you have and advertise them extensively. When your internet cafe has taken off successfully, word of mouth will do the rest of the advertising.

How To Make Money In College

If you’re in college and could do with some extra cash, there are many opportunities out there if you make an effort to look for them. Most college students find ways to earn some money to subsidize their living expenses or even totally pay for their tuition.  If you’re in college you want to find the most convenient way for you to make money so it doesn’t interfere with commitments in school. For starters, look around your campus for jobs.  If you’re creative, you’ll find there are more than a few ways to work for money on campus.  Inquire for jobs at the library, laboratory, campus bookstore, university offices, food court, and residence halls.  Ask your professor for any job opening in your department, such doing research, making photocopies, and running errands in school. In some cases, working on-campus can give you a discount on your tuition. Others may have work-study programs that will allow you to work between classes. You will normally be given a job that is suited to whatever skills you have, also taken into account your financial standing. On-campus jobs can pay decently, so you might just find yourself earning enough to cover all your basic needs. But don’t be limited with on-campus jobs; you can expand your search to the immediate community where your school is located.  Being in a college town, business owners regularly hire college students and as such have a tendency to give leeway to student-employees by adapting to their study schedule. Employers can give them flexible work hours when asked or extra work shifts during peak season. The most common job is to wait tables at a café or local restaurant, but you can also be a busboy, hostess, cashier, or even a chef or cook if you have the skills (or desire to learn them).  If retail is appealing to you, take a visit to shopping centers or malls and check out the boutiques, department stores, specialty stores and other shops for retail jobs that interest you. Expand your search and services even further by advertising to friends and family that you are willing to do odd jobs like mowing grass, shoveling snow, gardening, house-sitting, babysitting, pet-sitting, and other tasks you’re willing to take on. Offer to repair leaky faucets, broken windows, malfunctioning appliances, even computers if you have the skill. You’ll be surprised to find that many people do not know how to fix things around their house or simply do not have the time or patience to do so, and will be glad to pay you to do the fixing for them. Make a buck off your talents and charge for tennis lessons, computer programs, web or graphic design, piano lessons, cooking, guitar lessons, and anything else that you are skilled in. It’s sweet to get paid to do what you enjoy doing. You can also look to do freelance work. Become a personal trainer, driver, translator, researcher, encoder, event planner, personal assistant, typist, even a performer/entertainer for parties or special occasions. Determine what you are capable of doing and charge a fee for your services.  Make sure you’re able to do the job and do it well. Tutoring is another good idea to make money while in college, if you yourself are pretty good in certain subjects or themes.  You are surrounded by students and a certain number of them might just need to pick your brain. You can tutor personally or offer online classes through tutoring sites. You can find plenty of opportunities to make money by tutoring in college. Go to the learning assistance center, counseling or tutoring center, or the academic departments of your university to ask about tutoring jobs. A good idea is to ask your professors to refer you to their students.  There might also be tutoring centers near the school that you can apply to.  Post your tutoring services on the campus bulletin, or search for clients within your network of friends, classmates, and acquaintances. Do you enjoy making deliveries? Why not deliver groceries within your neighborhood, or pickup flowers and candy and deliver these for your friends during special occasions, or even deliver newspapers? You can choose your hours to make sure it won’t conflict with your school schedule. What college student does not have a computer nowadays? Use what you have to make extra money while in college, by using your laptop and internet skills to find ways to earn online. If you choose right and do the job right, it could be a good source of income for you. Write well? Look for content writing jobs and use your talent for cash. The Web is in constant need of fresh content so you should be able to find those that will pay you to write for them. Know how to take good photos? Sell stock photos on the internet and earn some cash every time your images are downloaded.

You can make money selling items online using platforms like eBay, Amazon, and craigslist.  Sell interesting items you got for a minimal amount from yard sales, auctions, estate sales, or flea markets.  You can also go through your personal stuff and put up for sale items such as used books, iPods, music CDs, movie DVDs, video games, among others. You can also try doing the usual stuff to make some cash online, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, flipping websites, or doing online surveys. There are countless ways to make money online while you’re in college. Go hit the keys and search for your online money-making opportunities now – and more importantly, best of luck and have fun whilst you’re at college!

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